A 1TB Raspberry Pi?

If you’ve never heard of a Raspberry Pi, the title of this post may not mean much to you, so I’ll explain – the Raspberry Pi is a small computer about the size of a deck of cards. It’s powered by a USB charger, and the model in the photos is the latest version, a Raspberry Pi 3, that has Wifi and Bluetooth built in. The standard disk drive is one of the micro SDHC flash cards such as are used in cameras and cell phones. It runs several different (and free) operating systems, and Raspbian, a version of Debian Linux seems to be the most popular. The really remarkable thing is that this little computer sells for $35 or so! I’ve been working with the Raspberry Pi for a few months now, doing a couple of different projects, and yes there will be more blog posts about the Pi.

Anyway, for my development work, I needed a stable platform with lots of storage, so I put a little system together. I bought a plexiglass enclosure from Amazon and drilled some extra holes to mount a 2.5 inch, notebook type hard drive on top. I already had a 1 TB 2.5″ drive and a USB to SATA adapter, so I was all set at that point.

IMG_0152 (2)

Interesting thing is that even with the hard drive added, the power consumption of the stack is about 950 mA. That’s with a USB wireless keyboard adapter and driving an HDMI monitor. Less than 5 Watts for the whole thing! For those who have to see to believe, here is a screenshot showing the free space on the drive:


The 1 TB formatted provides 916.8 GB of space. Do you have a Raspberry Pi? If so, share your configuration with us.

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