Soap Display Rack

We were pleased to participate in Southern Makers again this year, and like last time, we used the event as an opportunity to develop something new and “up our game”. One of the new things we made for the event is a stand-alone soap display rack. Since building it, we have made a few “tweaks”, but it really did the trick at Southern Makers, and at the farmer’s markets since. The rack places the product so that it attracts attention and is easy to touch and smell. This has really driven sales. Putting the rack out in front of our display also encourages people to linger and look rather than passing us by.

IMG_0008(1)    IMG_0007

The design of the rack is a simple A-frame, with small display shelves near the top and three trays below. The rack is assembled with carriage bolts, and can be quickly folded down for transport. I used inexpensive lumber (1X3 pine boards) and 3/16″ plywood for the tray bottoms. We made product cards to go behind each soap and attached them to the display shelves using Velcro strips. The pictures below show the shelf loaded with product.



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  1. Sabrina Massie on February 21, 2019 at 12:58 am

    Do you build these for others?

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